SdmxSource for Java // Documentation

Technology Overview

SdmxSource makes use of the spring framework, an opensource Java framework, so it is recommended to have an understanding of this. SdmxSource makes use of InversionOfControl (IOC) and Aspect Orientated Programming (AOP) to provide the ability to create loosely coupled systems. The Sample projects show how the spring framework can be used to your advantage. SdmxSource also takes advantage of data streaming, this means that there is no limit on the size of your data, the memory footprint for reading and writing data is small, and the processing time is fast.

SdmxSource Overview

SdmxSource has been designed to offer Simple Interfaces and therefore lower the barrier to entry into the world of Sdmx. Where the SDMX-ML may introduce complexity or ambiguity, SdmxSource removes the complexity.

SdmxSource offers greater validation over the Sdmx Schemas. With greater validation and immutable domain objects your systems can be sure of information integrity.

There is no coupling to a particular version of SDMX. With no coupling to the version, SdmxSource is future proof. When new versions of Sdmx are released, your systems will be able to take advantage of the added features, with little to no changes to your existing systems.