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The SdmxBeanRetrievalManager is an extremely useful interface for application design. The interface defines methods for retrieving SdmxStructures. There is an interface for brining back all structures of a given type (optionally filtered by AgencyId, Id, and Version), there is also an interface for brining back a singe structure of a given type.

The key point of the interface is that it does not define where the structures are obtained from. In this way it is possible to have an implementation that gets the structures from memory, just as easily as an implementation that could get the structures from a database. Because of the power of this decoupling of structure retrieval from the underlying source, it is reccomended to use Dependency Injection (DI) in order to set this bean on any classes that use it. This technique allows applications to be written which have no dependency on the underlying structure source, and therefore the structure source can change without breaking the application. To change an application from using a propriatery database to a SDMX Structure RESTful interface, is just as simple as a modification to the spring beans xml file.

Available Instances

Sdmxsource currently provides 2 instances of the SdmxBeanRetrievalManager, this list is likely to increase on release of the web services package where there are implementations that query SDMX Web Services.

  1. InMemoryRetrievalManager
  2. StructureSearchBeanRetrievalManager