Using SdmxSource

The current release of SdmxSource for Java is The Java jar files are all hosted on our Nexus Repository and available to download via Maven.

Using technologies such as Maven and Spring, getting started is as easy as 1,2,3. The following sections describe how to set up and configure a Maven project to use SdmxSource.

1. Set up link to Nexus Repository

The SdmxSource Java jar files are hosted from our Nexus Repository and are thus available to be integrated into a Maven project. To enable your IDE to download the required jar files, configure your IDE to enable Maven support. The IDE will be read a settings.xml file which defines the URL of the repository hosting all of the jar files. The settings.xml file will need to be modified to reference the SdmxSource Nexus location.

An example settings.xml file can be downloaded from HERE.

2. Create a Maven Project

To use SdmxSource it is recommended to use a Java IDE such as Eclipse. First create a new Maven Project in your IDE and then add the required SdmxSource dependencies to your pom.xml file.

A Maven dependency requires a groupId, artifactId, and version. The groupId of the SdmxSource projects is org.sdmxsource and the latest version is The following artefacts are available:

  • SdmxApi
  • SdmxBeans
  • SdmxDataParser
  • SdmxEdiParser
  • SdmxFileQueryProcessor
  • SdmxQueryBuilder
  • SdmxSourceUtil
  • SdmxStructureParser
  • SdmxStructureRetrieval

Adding a dependency is as simple as adding the following xml to the dependencies in your pom file:


Maven will automatically connect to the SdmxSource repository and download the SdmxStructureParser.jar file, along with any other jar files that are required.

An example pom file is available here.
Note: The pom.xml example file references aspectjrt, and servlet-api.jar. The servlet-api.jar file is required to get a copy of Spring’s application context. Typically for a web application this jar file is provided by the application server, so the scope is marked as provided.

3. Start Coding

Read the Programmers’ guide, it is extremely an useful resource, with a supporting Java web project.

The JavaDoc is available from HERE