Here you will find a showcase of work using SdmxSource

Fusion Registry

Fusion Registry is an implementation of an SDMX Registry as described by the SDMX standard and is capable of storing, maintaining, and disseminating SDMX structural metadata.

It support SDMX 2.1, SDMX 2.0, SDMX 1.0 and EDI as inputs and outputs. It is supplied as a Java web application and provides a rich user interface as well as SDMX compliant web services for both structure submission and structure retrieval.

It is highly performant product, which provides fast submission and resonse times and is capable of communicating with many popular databases.

Vist Site   It is free and available to download today.

Fusion Weaver

Fusion Weaver is a desktop application that enables SDMX-ML and SDMX-EDI files to be validated and transformed between versions and formats. Its simple intuitive User interface allows for anyone to ensure that their files are conformant to the SDMX standard.

Fusion Weaver also supports the generation of SDMX schemas from structures. It performs fast data validation and transformations, with no upper size limit on the size of the file it can process.

Vist Site   It is free and available to download from the Metadata Technology website.